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Cara in her studio


Saskatchewan artist Cara Gay Driscoll creates ceramic objects which are characterized by a female sensibility. Her hand-coiled full-bodied vessels are made using traditional techniques that pay homage to the past.

Drawing her inspiration from literary figures, or the women of the bible, Cara strives to infuse her work with spirituality, strength and historical perspective.

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“I just finished Giulia. What a treat! A real feast! I read all night and just finished it. A good beginning to a new day. Giulia is a beautiful tapestry woven of historical, philosophical, religious, feminist, literary and everyday experiential threads. I loved it!”                                          — Sandra Blenkinsop

  Giulia, by Cara G. Driscoll
Cara's new book, Giulia, published earlier this Spring, draws upon her research and experience with several of her gallery exhibitions to inform and guide the writing of her first novel.

“Thank you for the wonderful hours that I spent reading and enjoying Giulia. Your descriptions of time and place were excellent. I have never been to the Mediterranean but was able to visualize the island of Pandateria with such clarity.

I loved your narrative through the many characters and could see how each of them, individually, would have a story to tell.  I was left wanting more at the end, but realize Giulia's story is one in itself.” 
                         — Pat Bialowas

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